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This climate forum/idea engine/groups which is the largest on the planet which allows for collaboration and sharing of resources, mobilization designs, renewable energy suggestions, mitigation tips & tricks, and most of all creates yet another world view of exactly what the hell is happening around the planet directly from those experiencing it themselves.

We no longer have to declare a climate emergency at this point and it is not only a known fact but according to the IPCC and other reports will soon be undeniable to even the most ignorant skeptic.  Adaptation and preparation as well as transitioning to the changes in a humanistic way are of vital importance.  Peace, calm and relentless efforts are highly encouraged and key to this is to develop empathy and compassion.  It is good to see from another’s point of view and clearly important to have a sense of wanting to help and support their struggles.

Please encourage others to create an account and jump in as well; however it is highly suggested that you give the ‘Privacy Policy’ a reading as it lays out the terms and conditions and security steps for not only this forum but each and every one of Climate Change Community’s sites now and in the future.

Thank you and consider volunteering on becoming a moderator for a particular forum as each forum will have one or more.

“Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.” – Movie Quote