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Communities, Forums, Groups, Clubs and the like always encourage ideas and discourse on solutions as well as a sense of what others are going through via their day to day experiences.  This opens the door for even more creative solutions and new ‘out-of-the-box’ innovations that aims to help and benefit others who are in the very deepest midst of this Climate Emergency.

The Green New Deal which has in its title the word ‘New’ would indicate that we, every one of us are part of the building blocks to realize a safe and stable climate for our children and their families to come.  We also have an opportunity to transform this emergency into a viable opportunity which benefits all of humanity.

Our sense-of-urgency is growing yet many do not know what are some of the very next steps that need to be taken at the grassroots or rather local public level immediately.  The Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs are moving in that direction and Climate Change Community will support by in time releasing a suggested idea (Green New Deal Plus) that will truly enhance the Green New Deal and enhance all of the United Nations SDGs.

Join us and stay tuned as Climate Change Community shares more information and resources.  Remember to read carefully the ‘Private Policy’ as it outlines ‘Term-of-Conditions’ for membership as well as some strict guidelines governing this venue and eventually all of the Membership Communities.

Keep in mind that this Private Policy lays out the terms and conditions and security steps for not only this forum but each and every one of cCc’s sites now and in the future.

In closing, Climate Change Community is no stranger to struggle and always views situations with empathy and compassion so let us work together with the same primary goal which always is a ‘Safe and Stable Climate for our Children and their future families.’

Thank you for visiting.

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