To Climate Emergency Control Center!

Climate Emergency Control Center Levels:

Note: Access for any membership sites hosted by cCc is through internal invitation only!

This is not a social media site by any stretch of the imagination, what it is, is what the name amplifies, originally developed for friends and family and now those interested. Like cCc this is not an official site, it is as stated not a social media site although it looks and feels like it.

We at the ‘Grassroots’ level, the common everyday person should not have to worry about where we are going and how we are going to get there collectively when we also have to find ways to survive at the same time individually. Remember there are some things that are absolutely necessary and many know of them and many do not, well what we have at this site is the means to learn from each other in which we can better equip ourselves using each other’s experiences in tackling this monster created by nothing but ‘greed’ and ‘need’ (for power).

Before choosing a level I just want to share the ‘rules and regulations’ which are simple. We are all grown adults here working on a very serious issue which will impact our children and their future families, and that being the case membership requires that you are mature, serious and have an ideology grounded in reality.

I ask the members here that if you find anyone who should be removed please let me know, we would normally not remove anyone but it can happen and will. Also, remember if three or more people complain about you then you will be (possibly) removed. It is this simple. We say possibly because we verify some of the behavior that the request to remove you stemmed from.

It is about seriousness, reality, and maturity here focused on ideas, suggestions, solutions, and whatever else is beneficial to our survival of the ‘Climate Emergency’ monster. Again we have to remember why we are doing or (getting more involved) is for the future of humanity. The members within are those who have compassion and concern for humanity already as a preponderate nature and so we are not looking to ask members to be concerned and compassionate, it should be ingrained already. If not then perhaps then you should not be here.

We can no longer play poker with our children’s lives. Point Blank! It is this extreme, the level of action and attention that is now required is an absolute necessity.

We do not archive activity feeds, at times we simply just clear them, we will not archive anything but ideas, suggestions and the like. It is not a typical social media site in this regards, we aren’t concerned with mundane updates, just solutions, ideas, suggestions and similar.

We are changing just about all of the blog posts to public access so everyone will be able to access it without an account. This means that it might not be necessary for you to even open an account at all.

General Member Level ($9.99 a year)

At this Level all is accessible except for: Private and Hidden.

Since this is a subscriber level and that being the case we did not hold anything back at the back-end so all the features are pretty much set, personally we do not worry about the aesthetics of this site really, we can care less although it will be discussed in detail in GEM #2 by design. There is a very good reason that it is a must read in GEM #2 and #3.

Although one of the aspects we are in fact most concerned about are the ideas and suggestions which eventually will be embedded in our unique ‘Idea Engine’ – it is an amazing feature.

This level comes with access to all groups and forums, private messaging and a few other features. No access to Private and Hidden Groups and Forums except for those that are role based such as Climate Warriors. Everyone can contact each other but I advise you to be kind, honest, and polite. We will not tolerate any harassment or anything in fact that is not based on ideas, solutions, adaptation tips, mitigation steps and pure mobilization efforts.

When we say; ‘we will not tolerate,’ we mean the members will tell us to remove you, so in essence the members themselves will not tolerate any unwelcome behavior or actions. One can view this community as an experiment, a community where we all treat each other with respect, kindness and consideration all the while sharing ideas and suggestions that will help humanity not only tackle the Climate Emergency but develop to become more understanding towards each other.

Here we do not monitor behaviors, we are not baby-sitters, hence one reason why this is called a ‘Club’ as the maturity, integrity and seriousness come from each and every one of our members. The membership monitors itself due to the fact that the members here are very serious and focused and many have backgrounds in Emergency situations, such as Emergency Services, Nurses, Law-Enforcement and more.

There are a host of social media and non-social media sites and outlets that do a pretty darn good job at attacking each other, complaining, and causing disharmony. This site is not one of them and if that is too much for you to handle please do not create a membership if invited. (We know it sounds foreign, but we can assure you there still exist goodness in people’s hearts.)

Finally, do not bother to make a membership account here if you do not want to participate in the ‘Idea Engine’ – you do not have to but it would be nice to drop an idea every now and then. You can even paste a link to an idea you read somewhere else that you sense can benefit others.

Eventually ideas will be rated and hopefully a feature to financially reward top ideas can be implemented.

The other two levels we are hoping to activate before the end of the year, however here are some of the details. Right now we have a few bloggers but what we normally blog most of the time are ‘Climate Emergency’ related stories already published but must be read.

If we’ve met in any Climate Marches, Zoom Meetings and the like and we know each other through that route, then simply send me an invitation request, I got you…

This note: The Blogger Level and the Supporter Level are not ready (accessible) just yet.

Blogger Level ($99.99 first year/$59.99 after)

At this Level all is accessible to Bloggers except for selected Private and Hidden Groups and Forums.

Blogger level has all features of this site (as indicated in membership level above) except Private and Hidden Groups and Forums. Full access to blogging; however this level requires approval and strict guidelines are in place. We setup an online meeting with one of our staff members prior to accessing a membership at this level.

The interesting thing about this level is that private ‘online meetings’ can happen on the fly. Bloggers therefore can host an audience. You can go to cCc contact page and send me an email from there for more details.

We are working on having the ability to have ‘Zoom’ meetings within your own dashboard or profile at every level of memberships.

Supporter Level: ($999.99 year/See details below)

At this Level all is accessible including various Private and Hidden, but not all.

This level serves as a portal to one of my ideas (in action) of all those who supported one cause or another. It is not about the membership features here that one gains from so called purchasing this membership level. Of course you will receive both Private and Hidden Groups and Forums access but the funds will at your behest have your name attached to them.

We will setup a program where those who struggle the worse right now will get a little extra help, donations on our behalf (yours and ours) are given to Climate Organizations monthly, upgrades to this site although this will come from the $199, mentioned below, and more principled supportive necessities). This is something that can possibly happen everywhere. More about this in detail within GEM #3.

This level membership are for those with the funds that want to both give us a tip here (usually no more than $199.00) with the rest of the funds being put into Climate Emergency support actions mentioned in the last paragraph but mainly helping communities hit hard and those who are coming up short for goals and so forth.

When funds are used in helping it is noted to those receiving them that they are in large part from you (your name or name of your choice).

Please read GEM #3 as it ties in very succinctly with this level.


In terms of communication, we realize that both Climate Deniers and Anti-Science groups and individuals will try to start trouble or even hackers or trouble-makers might either hack or pretend to be someone else.

Measures are being worked on to mitigate this on our (staff) side, but aside from the hacking aspect the members will not be affected. The level of security I have is both stellar and trusted by us. We have an open communication with our security program developers and owners, which have done an amazing job in supporting our goals and endeavors.

We will do our best to reply to messages and communication promptly and since we cannot always respond to information embedded within posted suggestions or ideas it would be best to send us messages directly.

If you need to send an immediate message send it to ClimateChangeCommunity.com contact page for now and any private emails for membership access or other important matters should be sent to cecc-private@protonmail.com.

Either one of these emails can be used to contact us for membership access but the latter would be better. Remember the quicker you confirm you are not Anti-Science and a Climate-Denier the faster you can access a membership account. For us this is key.

Thank you for your understanding.